ValueGuard - Why Settle For Metal?

What are ValueGuard® Hurricane Panels?

ValueGuard® Hurricane Panels from TPS, the makers of totally transparent ClearGuard® Hurricane Panels, are manufactured using the highest quality proprietary UV resistant polymers available. ValueGuard® Hurricane Panels offer most of the features or our premium ClearGuard® product, but at substantial savings.

Flood Your Home’s Interior with Natural Sunlight - ValueGuard® Hurricane Panels transmit up to 45% of available exterior natural light, allowing for more normal conditions in your home, especially during periods of power outages resulting from severe storms. With ValueGuard® Hurricane Panels installed, you are no longer dependent on candles or flashlights. Virtually all available ambient daylight is transmitted directly into your home or business with ValueGuard® Hurricane Panels, giving you a safer, more normal environment.

Installation Ease Impact Resistance Comparison chart

Talk about easy installation – ValueGuard® Hurricane Panels are less than half the weight of metal panels, making installation simple! Offering superior weight advantages over aluminum panels, as well as the dent-resistance of steel panels, ValueGuard® Hurricane Panels additionally offers smooth panel edges, greatly reducing the chance of injury during handling and installation. Easy to handle, stack and store!

In most cases, ValueGuard® Hurricane Panels which are a standard 13” widths can easily be installed in existing channels and frames, making retrofits from obsolete metal to ValueGuard® Hurricane Panels a snap!

Meets or Exceeds Building Codes

Transparent Protection Systems, Inc’.s ValueGuard® Hurricane Panels have been comprehensively tested and approved for Hurricane Protection! They meet or exceed regulations for hurricane shutters as set forth by the Florida Building Code as per ASTM standards E330, E1886-1996, Texas Department of Insurance - SHU143, as well as IBC/IRC, the areas governed by the International Code.

How to Purchase ValueGuard® Hurricane Panels

Given the facts, it's no wonder that home and business owners everywhere are discarding old-fashioned metal panels and switching to ValueGuard®! You may purchase these through our comprehensive Dealer / Installer network. To obtain more information about our ValueGuard® Hurricane Panels

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