Densetec Anti Skid


Densetec® Anti Skid is specifically designed for the playground and marine industries incorporating the latest available technologies to produce a non-skid surface ideal for all type of flooring applications. 

Firstly, Anti Skid incorporates an embossed surface with your choice of either round or square protrusions on one side of the sheet. These protrusions actually grip the tread of the shoe of the person walking on the surface. Also, water drains on the surface of the sheet beneath the protrusions making Anti Skid especially effective in wet conditions. 

Secondly, Anti Skid is manufactured by using a high grip compound on the surface of the sheet presenting a tacky, high coefficient of friction material on the walking surface. This material is a more skid resistant material than HDPE and enhances Anti Skid's anti-skid properties. 

Anti Skid is an ideal material for use as decking in playgrounds, boats, or anywhere an anti-skid surface is a requirement for a safe walkway or platform.

Fabricating and finishing are easy with standard woodworking tools. Densetec® Marine Board forms easily for smooth curves and bends. Since there is no grain pattern, parts can be cut from any part of the sheet virtually eliminating waste for greater economy than wood.

  • UV stabilized
  • Moisture resistant
  • High coefficient of friction
  • Stain and graffiti resistant
  • Protrusions grip shoe surface
  • High grip compound on surface of sheet
  • Water drains away beneath surface protrusions
  • RoHS & REACH compliant



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