Densetec Play


Densetec® Playground Board is making a big splash in the playground industry. The variety of bright contrasting colors make it perfectly suited to this environment where high impact colors are required. Because the color is embedded in the sheet, it never needs painting. Especially with the rigors and abuse that children inflict upon playground equipment, this material lasts much longer than wood.

The versatile properties of Densetec® Playground Board make it virtually vandal resistant. The UV stabilizers added to the material make the colors fade-resistant and the standard properties of the HDPE used in the production of Densetec® Playground Board make it weather-resistant and the perfect choice for outdoor environments.

Design potential is unlimited with Densetec® Playground Board. Polymer Industries welcomes custom orders. We can assist you in your design and engineering requirements. 

  • Easily cleaned
  • Graffiti resistant
  • Resists scratches
  • Will not delaminate
  • RoHS & REACH compliant
  • UV stabilized
  • Easily fabricated
  • Will not swell or rot
  • Never needs painting
  • Will not crack or chip



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