Mechetec PET


MECHETEC® PET from Polymer Industries is a semi-crystalline polyester terephthalate (PET) polymer that exhibits excellent strength, rigidity, and is easily machined. Additionally, this material offers dimensional stability and wear resistance that meets or exceeds that of nylon or acetal. Due to it’s superior chemical resistance and food contact approvals, MECHETEC® PET stock shapes are the preferred material for components in food processing applications such as pistons, valves, feed screws, and food product forming and extrusion dies.  Additionally, the low moisture absorption and low rate of thermal expansion offered by MECHETEC® PET makes it ideal for demanding applications that require close tolerance, precisely machined component parts.

Formally known as Unipet PET. For more Info : Click Here

  • 230 ° F Continuous Use Temperature
  • Superior Chemical Resistance
  • Very Low Moisture Absorption
  • FDA and USDA Compliant
  • 3-A Dairy Compliant


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