Mechetec PSU


MECHETEC® PSU (Polysulfone) is an amorphous high performance thermoplastic material that has proven performance at elevated temperatures. Good mechanical properties along with thermal stability allow for its use in load bearing applications over broad temperature ranges. Other notable attributes include flame retardant, excellent radiation resistance, and good chemical resistance. The ability of MECHETEC® PSU to withstand common sterilization techniques supports its use in numerous sanitary applications such as medical instruments and food processing machinery. MECHETEC® PSU  stock shapes are amber in color and semi-transparent. They machine easily and are available in a full range of heavy gauge rod and plate sizes.

Formally known as Unifone PSU. For more Info : Click Here

  • 320 ° F Continuous Use Temperature
  • Resistant to many Acids & Solvents
  • Gamma Radiation Resistance
  • Superior Electrical Properties
  • Low Moisture Absorption


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