Mechetec PVDF


MECHETEC® PVDF (Polyvinylidene Fluoride) is a non-reinforced highly crystalline fluoropolymer that combines exceptional chemical resistance with superior strength and stability. When compared with traditional fluoropolymers like PTFE, MECHETEC® PVDF offers up to three times the typical strength and stiffness while maintaining unparalleled resistance to even the harshest chemicals—even at temperatures up to 300°F.

These properties, along with its natural flame retardency (UL94, V-0) and ultrahigh purity have made it the material of choice for processing equipment components used in semiconductor manufacturing clean room environments. Because it also offers excellent toughness and electrical properties that remain stable over a wide range of both frequencies and temperatures, MECHETEC® PVDF is also often used in components used for power transmission. MECHETEC® PVDF is offered in two grades; MECHETEC® PVDF 740 (beige) and MECHETEC® PVDF 1010 (white). Both grades machine easily and are available in a full range of heavy gauge rod and plate sizes.

Formally known as Uninar PVDF. For more Info : Click Here

  • 300° F Continuous Use Temperature
  • Extremely Low Moisture Absorption
  • Flame Resistant- UL94 V-0 rated
  • Highly Resistant to Chemicals
  • Superior Electrical Properties


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