TPS Clearguard


The TPS ClearGuard® Hurricane Panels are made with super tough Polycarbonate resin (a type of plastic) that will not rust, shatter, or corrode. Our TPS ClearGuard® Hurricane Panels allow natural light to filter in during storm related power outages. With up to 85% natural light transmission, every homeowner should be sure to have a clear panel system that allows light in and visibility out. Unlike unsightly metal panels ClearGuard® Hurricane Panels, are virtually invisible when installed.

The lightweight TPS ClearGuard® Hurricane Panels provide a safe and easy system with no sharp edges. The narrow widths promote easier homeowner handling and installation. Easy to install. .. Easy to store ... making them perfect for compact stacking. Fits perfectly with standard industry Tracks and Hardware.

  • Transmit up to 85% of available exterior light
  • Will not shatter, rust, or corrode
  • Ultra light-weight, compared to steel panels
  • Highly dent-resistant, compared to aluminum panels
  • Made from super tough polycarbonate resin
  • Transparent, allows light inside & vision outside
  • Meets or exceeds ICC, TDI, FBC, Dade, and new ASTM req..
  • Standard widths allow for compatibility with metal panels
  • Easy for handling, stacking, and allows for metal upgrades
  • TEN YEAR warranty against breakage and yellowing




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