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The TPS ValueGuard® Hurricane Panels are manufactured using the highest quality proprietary UV resistant polymers available. The TPS ValueGuard® Hurricane Panels offer most of the features of our premium ClearGuard® product, but at substantial savings.

Flood Your Home's Interior with Natural Sunlight - ValueGuard® Hurricane Panels transmit up to 45% of available exterior natural light, allowing for more normal conditions in your home, especially during periods of power outages resulting from severe storms. With TPS ValueGuard® Hurricane Panels installed, you are no longer dependent on candles or flashlights. Virtually all available ambient daylight is transmitted directly into your home or business with TPS ValueGuard® Hurricane Panels, giving you a safer, more normal environment.

  • Transmit up to 45% of available exterior light
  • Will not shatter, rust, or corrode
  • Ultra light-weight, compared to steel panels
  • Highly dent-resistant, compared to aluminum panels
  • Made from super tough polycarbonate resin
  • Meets or exceeds ICC, TDI, FBC, Dade, and new ASTM req..
  • Standard widths allow for compatibility with metal panels
  • Easy for handling, stacking, and allows for metal upgrades
  • TEN YEAR warranty against breakage and yellowing




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