Ultrapoly Braxx


Ultra Non-Skid® technology initially developed for the United States Navy has been scaled down for commercial use. New to the Ultra Non-Skid® family is BraxxTM permanent non-skid sheet. These non-skid technologies are a direct replacement for non-skid tapes and paints for industrial applications. 

The product has a wear and impact resistant baseplate of ultra high molecular polyethylene (UHMW-PE). The surface of the sheet is covered with raised non-skid truncated domes comprised of sand or slag. Not only is the product a tactile warning surface, it also has a contrasting color theme (dark on light or light on dark). BraxxTM is available in UV yellow with a black slag surface and blue with a white sand surface.

  • Safeguards pedestrian and vehicular slip hazard areas
  • High visibility
  • Virtually permanent
  • Maintenance free
  • Installs easily over wood, concrete, steel and aluminum
  • Will not corrode or rot
  • Eliminates paint or tape
  • Impact resistant



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