Densetec Pipegrade


Polymer Industries' Densetec® HDPE Pipe Grade is a higher molecular weight material than our standard Densetec® HDPE. The material displays improved performance characteristics in a variety of piping applications. In addition, the material is UV stabilized and ideal for use in demanding outdoor applications. It retains its properties between -220°F and 180°F and resists most chemicals. It is also NSF certified under Standard 61 to be used in potable water piping systems. Densetec® HDPE Pipe Grade can be used in a variety of applications including manhole lids and bottoms, pipe reducers, trenches, sumps, pipe flanges, pipe end caps, tanks, milled flange adapters and lifting lugs.

  • UV resistant
  • Great weldability
  • High tensile strength
  • Stiffness for machine parts
  • RoHS and REACH compliant
  • Formable
  • Chemical resistant
  • Stress crack resistant
  • Scratch & abrasion resistant
  • NSF 14 and 61 certified for potable water


Standard product: ASTM D3350 class 445474C / PPI designation PE4710 and PE80

Available product: ASTM D3350 class 445576A / PPI designation PE4710 and PE100



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