Polymer Industries holds millions of pounds of inventory in four strategically placed warehouses in Henagar, Alabama; Bolingbrook, Illinois; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Tacoma, Washington. We are committed to meeting our customers' delivery requirements in the most efficient way possible. Materials held in stock include:

  • Densetec® Natural and Black HDPE Sheet
  • Densetec® Natural and Colored Cutting Board Sheet
  • Densetec® Black Pipe Grade HDPE Sheet
  • Densetec® Marine Sheet in various colors
  • Densetec® Play in various colors
  • Densetec® Sign in various colors
  • Densetec® Natural and Black Polypropylene Sheet
  • Polyslick® Natural Virgin and Black Repro UHMW Sheet
  • Polyslick® Natural Virgin and Black Repro UHMW Rod
  • Mechetec® Acetal Natural and Black Acetal Sheet and Rod
  • Mechetec® Delrin Natural and Black Delrin Sheet and Rod
  • Mechetec® Nylon 6/6 Natural and Black Nylon Sheet and Rod
  • Mechetec® PC Natural and Black Polycarbonate Sheet and Rod
  • Mechetec® PEEK Natural and Black Peek Sheet and Rod
  • Mechetec® Ultem Natural and Black Ultem Sheet and Rod

In addition, Polymer Industries holds inventory of custom materials for specific customers. We are able to develop stocking programs for customers that require their products to be immediately available.